Music is something I am very passionate about and although I am a completely rubbish guitar player I do believe that I at least make good choices about the music I actually listen to.

Since picking up the guitar I have had a slow transition from being primarily interested in heavier music like August Burns Red to solo guitarists, specifically Buckethead and Guthrie Govan with a sprinkle of players like Joe Satriani, Andy James and Steve Vai, though Buckethead and Guthrie definitely reign supreme. If you have any interest in the guitar whatsoever, then these two are the ones you should spend some time watching play on YouTube. This brings me to my current favourite albums:

If I had to choose a single song from each album they would be Fives and Machete respectively. A completely unrelated song that deserves a special mention is Coordinates from Phantom Anthem, the newest album from August Burns Red. JB has been a favourite guitarist of mine for several years and the solo in the first half of this song to me is insanely good. The ending of Lifeline from the same album is also a really great piece of music.

A couple of other tracks that I latched onto and looped for days at a time were: